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Something About Pallavi Makeover

Pallavi Makeover beauty experts who will be caring for your beauty on a special occasion. We take care of the other bridal maids of your day too. Our clients are endless in the city and they all praise us for our excellent touch-up.

Another thing we will say you promptly that we take care of your skin too while putting the best patch-ups. The chemicals we use are entirely herbal and hence are best for your skin. And regarding equipment, we carry with us everything that you might need.

Our service includes everything that you might need – support for hairdressing, support for the bridal patch, make up kits, pedicure and manicure utilities, and all. Hence, our support is most extensive and our coverage is for your complete makeup. Our freelance Makeup artist in Delhi provide services at your doorstep just book our services and get all the pamper you need.

We are into this industry for a long time and we know the value of cosmetics and beauty care products and its role in enhancing the beauty, so we never compromise when it comes to product quality because we believe only top quality products at the best price range can only make the customers delighted. Select the makeup style shown in our category lists and boost your mood with self-confidence on the wedding day.

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Services & Pricing

Bridal Make-Up (Package)

  • Bridal Make-Up ₹8999 & Up
  • Advance Hair Do Include
  • Eyelashes include
  • Hair Extension include
  • Nail Paint include

HD Bridal Make-Up

  • HD Bridal Make-Up ₹11999 & Up
  • Advance Hair Do Include
  • Eyelashes include
  • Hair Extension include
  • Nail Paint include
Welcome To Pallavi Makeup

Our Makeup Services

Here are we to assist you on the most memorable day of your life. We are an Independent Makeup Artist. You will just give us a call and you will get us at your home on a special occasion.

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For the wedding, reception and party require different makeup so that your face becomes camera-friendly.Your wedding photographs become glorious when you take the right makeup. Freelace Makeup artist in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad is an expert in the field and provide the best makeup for the big day. If the makeup artist is not professional then you will get patchy and blotchy face and you will end up with bad makeup. Contact our makeup artist as they are magnificent in their work.

To make yourself look young and charming even with the dark color skin, we help you find the best beauty care products from the best vendor’s production unit. We are available here as a solution for all your beauty care and product needs. Our expert makeup artist knows the nerve of the latest trends and provides you exotic makeup.

Select our makeup artist for Event and become our happy client and go with a happy smile after your makeup is done. Skin tone powders, face creams, and much more product we use which is natural and suits all skin types. Our expert makeup artist helps you gain the lost attraction factor which will help you stand with high confidence in front of the unknown neighbors and crowd.


First of all, let us tell you that we provide the best home support for you regarding bridal make up. So, you will not have to move to the parlors any more, especially when we are there.

We are all accessible over social media, WhatsApp, and of course, over the phone. And it is not that there are some extra things that you will have to do for booking the service. Just call us to book us for the timing and tell us the venue. We will reach you at the right time.

We won’t take any advance payments or payments before providing our service. Our payment has to be on the spot and after we provide you the service.

Our makeup kit includes all the things that you need for your complete bridal makeup. The best makeup artist in Delhi provides excellent work on your face and treat every client as a piece of art.

Finally, we have the experience to decide what will be the best makeup for you. Not only experience, we are having the items all in herbal and non-herbal mode also. Hence, depending on your skin we provide you the beautiful gloss.

Hire No 1 Make-Up Artist

Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

You must have seen the perfect beauty of a model on the cover of a magazine. In addition, everyone likes to have the flawless beauty of a movie star when taking a walk on the red carpet. If you wish to have, such ultimate beauty then contact a Freelace makeup artist in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. When you meet the artist, you will get to know about the simple secret techniques used by top makeup artists. You can also have the beauty of celebrity faces and enjoy the star quality and flawless beauty as well.

The makeup has become advanced with new techniques and desires. Model High Cheekbones is something that gives you a beautiful look. Expert makeup artists know the tricks to create high cheekbones like a model after applying your foundation. It does sound simple but professional touch is required otherwise you may not get the look you dreamed of. Blending the makeup products well is another important aspect to achieve the desired look.

Freelance Makeup Artist In Delhi give you the best makeup style

To get the celebrity-like makeup look you need to apply a very thin line of highlighter on the cheekbones at the diagonal line from the top of your cheekbones and ending at the end of your cheekbone. Once the highlighting is done the celebrity makeup artist in Delhi will start creating the makeup look that will complement the dress and the event you like to attend.

When it comes to party look, every girl demands a Close Up Flawless Complexion look. To create a flawless perfect complexion right makeup and blending are required and only HD Makeup In Delhi can help you to get the closest close-up look. It requires a mix of color correctors with your concealer apply after moisturizer and before foundation. The professional makeup artist always uses the best makeup product.

HD makeup artists always use color correctors to neutralize specific flaws in facial complexions. The Professional Makeup In Delhi provides you with even out skin tones, helps you in hiding the imperfections, and covers the issues in minutes. There are different correctors available to cover facial issues. Having the perfect brows is important and to achieve that the artist will first pluck to clean the area underneath the brow bone. Then perfectly shaping the brow is important the shaping depends on the face shape and look you desire.

Celebrity makeup look requires having that dramatic movie-star eye. The makeup artist starts the eye makeup by applying a matte nude eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Then eyeliner is the most important part of eye makeup because it defines the eyes. Eye shadow should be selected as per the entire look and event you are attending. The makeup artist can create sexy starlet lips and it can achieved by trace the outer edge of your mouth with a lip pencil that matches the lipstick color.

Here are some reasons what Makeup can do

Makeup is not a new invention or technique to look beautiful. Both men and women wore makeup from ancient times, like Egyptian culture. However, the use and variety of cosmetics have modified over the centuries, in current societies the globe over; ladies are the main consumers and users of makeup products.

Make you Feel Confident

Some girls cannot imagine facing the day without applying makeup on their faces. In extreme cases, girls will not allow anyone to see their face without makeup, even their partners!

Fortunately, this is not quite common, however many ladies report feeling a lot confident getting to work, college, or gym with a minimum of some makeup on. This could vary from a lightweight application of makeup and lip gloss to a face complete with foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and several other coats of lipstick. The quantity of makeup varies that makes a woman feel confident. Nude Makeup In Delhi makeup artists can help you to achieve that nude look.

To Look Younger and fair

On the other side, girls who are past a definite age accept cosmetics to look younger. Some cosmetics claim to hide the wrinkles or cut back fine lines as well. With the skillful application, Destination Wedding Makeup In Delhi will erase years from their faces easily. For women who have dark complexion problems, makeup will facilitate hiding the problematic areas, though most efforts should be done on a skincare routine to take care of clear skin. Concealers will help to hide dark under-eye circles or blemishes. Foundations will help you to get an even-toned complexion. Makeup is a great thing for making the illusion of perfect looks if used in the correct manner and quantity.

To Look Attractive or Glamorous

If you wish to groom your look, for a huge night out or a special date, makeup can assist you to get nice results. You will be able to opt for any type of look you like best. At some point could embrace smoky gray eyes and pale, bright lipstick, whereas succeeding may realize you within the mood thin black eye makeup and classic red lips. Some girls wear makeup to draw the attention of somebody special. Whereas men’s opinions differ on what type of makeup they prefer to see on their girls, it's higher for ladies to wear what makes them feel attractive, engaging, and confident.

To Enhance Her Beauty

While some girls wish to seem more beautiful, others like a natural look. They still use makeup to achieve it, however, the best idea is to possess a polished and nice look while not trying like she's wearing too much makeup. Try to do it properly, a girl might wear foundation, mascara, and decent lip color while not anyone even realizing it. There are several reasons girls wear makeup, and perhaps one among these reasons applies to you. If you are not a lady and you have always questioned why the reason depends on lots on the lady. To create it even a lot of advanced, her reasons could differ from day today!

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Pallavi is known for her talent and when I was searching for a makeup artist for my wedding someone recommended me Pallavi and I am glad that I met her for my wedding makeup.


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